• Software Solutions

    "The devil is in the details - we have made it our business to understand travel, expatriate, health and specialty insurance - our standard module based end-to-end solution exceeds the cost/benefit factor of the insurance industry"
    • Sales and Policy Management
    • Providers Network
    • Assistance Case Management
    • Claims handling
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  • Sales Solutions

    "A complete range of distribution channels from call-centre sales to B2B - Broker and Agent Sales to B2C sales and even web service sales - no matter what market you want to reach, the standard NIS sales solutions will take you there."
    • Call-centre sales including "act on behalf of" functionality
    • Quote, issue, renewal, mid-term adjustment - full policy management included
    • New broker/agent set-up in an hour - it has never been easier!
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  • Providers Network

    "The integrated Providers Network secures links between the provider and the relevant case immediately. Graphical presentation, medical and financial provider ratings and reference cases for the relevant area are all presented in one go."
    • Incident place and provider are presented graphically
    • Provider rating and reference "best practice" cases displayed
    • Turn-by-turn directions and graphical map to appropriate provider
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  • Assistance Case Management

    "It is all about communication and control – whether it is inbound or outbound e-mail, faxes, notes, GOP, travel arrangements, etc., everything is stored on the relevant case – the extensive workflow secures that all SLA procedures including reserve management and loss reports are executed and filed."
    • The workflow guides you through the SLA services
    • Full version control of communications and documents
    • Case management directly integrated with the Provider Network module
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  • Reporting Solutions

    “All your data will be available for reporting at any point in time. The standard NIS package includes an extensive reporting package and templates for industry KPIs and in addition, you can retrieve any individual report as required.”
    • Sales, assistance and claims
    • Productivity measured on desired dimensions
    • Dashboard KPIs displayed according to user credentials
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  • Product Builder

    "The ultimate tool for simplifying the building and maintenance of your products. You can build a new complete product line and launch it live in your selected distribution channels in less than a day – it has never been easier"
    • No IT resource required to build new products
    • The product automatically drives the screens – no coding needed
    • The most easy-to-use product building tool available
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  • Claims Solutions

    "Manage claims communications, find providers, pre-approval or pre-certification, re-price claims, settle and pay claims – the advanced NIS workflow and business rules system gives you the ability to maximize efficiency and automation!"
    • Policy verification and automatic Claims processing
    • Handling of multiple covers on a single claim
    • Easy template management for all outgoing communications
    • Automated adjucation process
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  • Affinity Automation

    The NIS affinity automation solution gives the insurer full control and the most automated robotic claims processing engine. The affinity model will take care of your IPI/PPI, extended warranty, all-risk and related schemes.
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Increased handling productivity
    • Increased finance control
    • Increased process supervision
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